Ancil Bennis

With a meticulous approach to his work, Mr. Bennis oversees the ongoing operations for all site staff. He ensures security processes and procedures are rigorously followed meaning our clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that their premises are secure round the clock with Security Solutions personnel.

Hisham Zayed

A passionate thought leader, Mr Saleh is a valued team member. His talents and abilities have been refined during his career through on-the-job learning, and various training programmes. His dedication to career development has provided the tools to be a capable project manager, able to apply himself to projects of varying scales and succeed.

Ali Al Beladi

With affirmative and essential involvement with one of the largest financial institutions in the Kingdom, Mr.Ali stands as liaison between Security Solutions and Ahli United Bank. By displaying substantial leadership and analytical skills, and history of prosperous management of the Project, he continues to be a vital asset to the Company.

Haseeb Ahmad

Meticulous, organized and efficient Mr Ahmad has considerable experience in the field of finance. He possesses strong analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to make sound decisions consistently. His ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously has seen his career go from strength to strength. Mr Ahmads role as a senior accountant is extensive and requires constant communication with individuals at every level of the company hierarchy.

Aliu Adjei Zakaria

A senior professional in the security field, Mr. Zakaria brings considerable technical know-how to our operations with many years of progressive IT and monitoring systems operation experience. His expertise spans the maintenance, implementation, and development of critical information and IT operation within all of our projects.