Who We Are

Strict policies coupled with tight procedures sees Security Solutions meet the expectations of its clients with innovative and customised security. Our transparency and multiple accountability mechanisms ensure your confidence in the level of security you are receiving.

There are numerous ways Security Solutions can support you and keep you and your property safe, whether you’re a government, corporate or private client. Our services are varied to offer the most tailored made security assistance possible and our strategies deter illegal activities on your premises both during and after business hours.

Why Trust Us

Security Solutions delivers unparalleled service to its clients and its extensive portfolio attests to that. As a full-service security provider, there is no project too large or small, whether private, corporate or government; Security Solutions has the know-how and expertise to fulfil your requirements.

Core Values


The foundation of our company values and we consistently hold ourselves to high standards.


The cornerstone of our business, it is established with clients through the dependable and loyal service provided at all times.


The vital aspect of the service we provide; We aim for accountability in all our business practises by open communication and visibility to our Clients.